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Transaction codes list of useful SAP transaction codes for the various areas of the SAP environment including development, HR, BI and other application areas.
SAP Tables List of useful SAP tables for various areas of SAP including, technical, HR and other application areas.
Standad and custom SAP Programs List of useful standard and bespoke SAP / ABAP programs
SAP Function Modules List of useful function modules for various areas of SAP SAP Respository Objects...

New!! Beginners Guide to SAP ABAP Development
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iPhone Development

SAP ABAP Development help and information using technologies such as ABAP, ABAP OO, BSP,
Web dynpro for all SAP modules including FI, HR, BW / BI...

Traditional SAP / ABAP development requires the use of many different transaction, tools and techniques. These range from general ABAP coding, reporting development techniques, screen dialog programming, ABAP objects, function modules, RFC’s, BAPI’s etc… And this is before you even think about the many different application areas which require specific knowledge and coding techniques such as HR, Business warehouse (BW), FI, MM etc…

Whats new to sapdev!!!!!!
No roll storage space of length 9728 available for OCCURS area
UK Lottery numbers
upload and report on all previous UK lottery numbers, most drawn numbers etc
Add dropdown to table within Web dynpro for ABAP
Web Dynpro for ABAP, Information and example code
SAP VC Applications Quickly consume webservices or SAP BAPI and RFC function modules
The SAP Portal SAP Portal, ESS and MSS development
TEM structure information
GET PERNR LAST also detials of GET PAYROLE event
ALV cells Change color of individual ALV CELLs
ABAP Web dynpro popup Add POPUP screen to ABAP web dynpro
HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION function module Using the HR function module HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION to update infotypes
Create table structure dynamically Creating a ABAP data structure or internal table dynamically within the code
SAP ABAP commands (MODIFY, TRANSLATE, SELECT etc..) A List of useful ABAP commands along with example code of how to implement them including MODIFY, SELECT, TRANSLATE, CONDENSE, RANGE, VARRYING,
ABAP Web dynpro button click / Action Creating an action to record a users button click in ABAP web dynpro

SAP related CV / Resume
Advertise your skills and post your CV / Resume.
See list of available SAP related CV's

Job Listings
See list of available related SAP Jobs and post details of new oportunities available, whether this be for an SAP analyst role or a technical ABAP job

SAP Learning
See list of available SAP Training methods including Books, CD's and SAP Training classes or check out SAP ABAP certification questions. Another way of finding your way around SAP is to get access to a SAP system for your individual needs.

SAP Discussion Forum - Ask any SAP related question on the SAPDev ABAP Development Forum

The Games Room

Do you need a break from developing SAP applications, has creating that web dynpros for ABAP left you feeling drained. Then why not relax and visit the SAP games page for more information on how they can be used to improving your ABAP skills or as a way of relaxing.

Error Handling
New for 6.10

Tips and Tricks
Update any table using debug


Country Issues

Currency conversion Example ABAP source code for converting the curreny within your Sap system
Conversion Issues Various issues to watch out for when converting the language of your SAP system
language conversion Lifecycle Example lifecycle for a language convertion project SAP Currency conversion...

SAP Security
Authority checks Implementing SAP ABAP authority checks
Mask Password with *'s Implement an SAP password field where values entered are shown as *'s SAP Security...

SAPdevelopment Articles
Get data out of SAP using the java connector (JCo) and BAPI's
SAP testing using the Extended Computer Aided Test Tool (eCATT)

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Custom SAP Applications
Local SAP Search Engine ZsapT is the 100% free local sap transaction code search engine
UK Lottery numbers upload and report on all previous UK lottery numbers, most drawn numbers etc
Effectively Manage your Spool File Reports A complete Output Management solution designed to manage, convert and distribute output files from your SAP system or any other system.
SAP Instant Messenger program SapTALK is a free instant messaging service for the SAP environment
Apply changes to all files contained in a directory Example ABAP code which shows you how to create an ABAP program on the fly from a .txt file
Execute ABAP code from a PC file Example ABAP code which shows you how to create an ABAP program on the fly from a .txt file
Improved pretty printer program ABAP program which improves on the standard SAP pretty printer functionality
Commented CALL FUNC pattern program Improved pattern functionality for function module call
Execute SQL statements on the fly in Open or Native SQL SQL tool for SAP ABAP Programmers to allow them to see JOINS to confirm or discover relationships and to see Data side by Side

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