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SAP Dictionary objects - Example code and information of the SAP dictionary

Create basic SAP table
Step by step guide for SAP database table creation

Create table Maintenance
Allow user to add, delete and change data within a database table

Modify table Maintenance
Modify the standard functionality of a SAP table maintenance

Download SAP database structure to file
Downloading an SAP database structure to a file

Find SAP text table assigned to database table
Get text associated with SAP databse table record from TEXT TABLE

SAP table delivery class settings
SAP database table settings for storing Master, Application, Transaction and Customizing data

[+] Search help development
Developing ABAP search helps

Create SAP Text Table
Create a Text table and link it to the master data table in SAP

SAP Database locking (prevent inconsistent data)
Locking SAP databases when updating data

Create SAP Transaction code for table maintenance
Assign SAP transaction code to generated table maintenance

Get SAP domain values
Retrieve possible values of a field stored within its actual domain object

Create customizable parameter value
Create a customizable parameter/range/select-option value using tcode STVARV

ABAP help main menu
Return to ABAP Development menu

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