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SAP Note assistant - Using transaction SNOTE to read and apply OSS note fix

The Note Assistant (transaction SNOTE) helps you to implement SAP OSS (Online SAP Support) notes. Although it is not perfect it does generally make the application of OSS notes a much easier process. Note assistant is at its best when all that is required is a simple code deletion/insertion into an existing ABAP object. If the object does not exists then you will be required to do the creation bit manually, note assistant will then be able to insert the ABAP code.

Another benefit of SAP note assistant is that it automatically prompts you to implement any prerequisite notes that apply.

Note assistants biggest problem comes when updates have been provided by SAP but not for general release (i.e. a specific fix for your company) or you have modified standard SAP code. If note assistant tries to update an object which has been changed using this method then it may have trouble inserting the code in the correct place.

Implementing an OSS note via SAP note assistant
The table below outlines the simple steps required to implement an OSS note using SAP note assistant (SNOTE).

Step Icon Description
1 or Download note (differnt icon depending on your version of SAP)
2 Set process status to 'in process'
3 Read note instructions
4 Implement note (popup will appear allowing you to read note)
5 View implementation log, add comments of your own
6 Set status to 'complete'

Other icons
De-implement note.
Simply select the note, click on this icon and follow instructions.
Note browser (view all in system for your user)
Download latest version of SAP note.
To install a new version single click on the note number and press this icon to download latest version. Once downloaded simply apply the note as normal using the instructions above.

Check out the SNOTE Browser for more info about the SAP SNOTE transaction and specific OSS Notes.

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