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About is a site dedicated to providing help and information for SAP/ABAP development professionals around the world. Recently the site has come on in leaps and bounds in content, design and popularity. With more and more people visiting the site and turning to it for help!

"I truly enjoy the results of your hardwork you've taken out to help others, and very impressed with your knowledge in every subject in SAP�

"I found your website very useful especially the explanations on webapps�

"I have searched for 2 days on the web, And I have not found an example as good as yours�

See here for live comments being made on various pages of

Visitors to is currently attracting around 6000 visits a day from users all over the world including the UK, US, France, India etc. For additional info also see screen print of Visitor statistics for a typical month.

Why advertise on has got a good ranking with Google and yahoo. For example if you type "ABAP" in or it is ranked in the top 3, if you type "SAP Development" it is top. This has similar results in Bing and for yahoo "SAP Development" is top and "ABAP" is in the top 10 with "SAP ABAP" being 2nd. has already setup many reciprocal links from various sap related websites and an ongoing partnership with and who are recognised globally as being the place to go to find talented SAP professionals and whos jobs are displayed on our website. Please E-Mail me for further information or if you are interested in advertising on the site.

Cost of advertising on

Advertising cost is not really an exact science and I appreciate that everyone has slightly different requirements and ideas as to where a nd how they would like there adverts to appear. For this reason I am happy to discuss your specific requirements but below is an idea of advertising costs for This is based on the banners appearing on all pages spread out in various locations, with some banners appearing on a random basis and others being more permanent and shown on all page views.

Where will your adverts appear
There are 3 types of pages on, these include article pages, menu pages and the initial index page with each page having slightly different advertising placements. If you decided to advertise with us then your adverts will be distributed to the various add locations within these different types of pages. This allows your ads to be displayed to every visitor of in a variety of ways to reduce the effect of add blindness. Below is a more detailed description of the different types of pages on, showing in yellow the advert locations of each page. Just for information the sections highlighted in grey can be targeted directly for advertising via the Google Adwords platform.

Index Page
This is the initial page of and offers banner of the following sizes

- 468x60 banner across the top

- 300x250/336x280 rectangle areas x 2
Content Page
These are the main article/information pages and offers the following sizes

- 468x60 banner across the top

- 336x280 at the end of each article

- 728x90 banner after the comments section x 2

- Multiple 125x125 small square areas in the right hand column

- There is also additional options down the right column for other sizes (max width 300).

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