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Web Application Development - Example code and information on development using BSP

What is a BSP
What is SAP Business server page (BSP) web development

[+] BSPs using Model View Controller (MVC) technique
MVC technique for an SAP BSP

[+] SAP BSP using HTML (not HTMLB)
Develop a SAP webpage using BSP and standard HTML and ABAP to display and process user input

Creating a simple Business server page(BSP)
Example BSP webpage

Get user input on BSP
Capture user input on a HTML based BSP page

Call onInputProcessing from SAP BSP page
Call onInputProcessing event from SAP BSP page via href or button

User input field using HTML
Add text input field using Standard SAP BSP and HTML

User input field using HTMLB and MVC
Use HTMLB and BSP MVC to display and process text field

Pass value to second BSP page
Pass a value to a second BSP page

BSP Application Class
Add an application class to your SAP BSP

Adding JavaScript to BSP page
Using javascript within your SAP BSP

HR Org. Structure tree selection(BSP/JavaScript)
Display SAP organisational structure using BSP and Javascript

Call onInputProcessing from SAP BSP page
Call onInputProcessing event from SAP BSP page via href or button

Use of cookies to create a favourites list (htmlb table)
Using cookies within a BSP

Close BSP Session including when in SAP portal
Information to ensure your BSP application performs the correct session management

Create new session for each instance of SAP BSP
Code to ensure when running a BSP multiple times simultaneously each instance has its own session id to store its global data

Upload data from file into BSP application (FILE UPLOAD)
Upload data into BSP application

Useful BSP, HTML JAVAScript, AJAX.. code
See here for example code to add to your BSP application including ABAP, HTML, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX etc..

getElementById javascript statement
Examples of how to use the getElementById command to capture values on your HTML page using javascript. Very powerfull when used along side AJAX which is detailed in the next section

Adding AJAX to your BSP HTML pages
AJAx is very useful within SAP BSP pages to allow you to get capture values and re-drawn the screen accordingly

Capture browser/page close
Capture and perform processing if user closes web browser or page

Call SAP transaction code
Using a dynamically created shortcut call standard SAP transaction code

Checkboxes on SAP BSP page
Add checkboxes to SAP BSP web page and capture which have been selected by user

Check checkbox is checked using Javascript
Check BSP HTML checkbox is checked using Javascript

SAP BSP Radiobutton
Add Radiobuttons to SAP BSP web page and capture users selection

Display and process dropdown list using HTML
Use HTML to process dropdown list within SAP BSP

SAP BSP shopping basket
Implement shopping basket functionality into SAP BSP

Further htmlb functionality

Sharing data between pages in a BSP (Statefull & Stateless)
Difference between statefull and stateless BSP

Example course booking input form using BSP/HTML
BSP input form using BSP and HTML

Execute ABAP report to retrieve data for BSP
Execute ABAP report from within SAP BSP

Auto select region when user selects country in BSP
HTML and Javascript code to auto select region when user selects country within your SAP BSP

BSP tutorials from SAP
SAP BSP tutorials

Web Apps menu
Return to SAP web apps menu

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