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Developing iPhone apps

Having been a big fan of the iPhone for a long time now I have decided it is time I had a go at learning how to produce a simple iPhone application. The user interface on the iPhone is in my opinion the greatest user interface I have ever used and would love to get to a level of experience where I can maybe bring the 2 technologies together for better ways for users to interact with SAP. Anyway that's a while off yet so lets focus of learning how to create iPhone apps. If anyone wants to learn at the same time and maybe share learning material drop me an email or post a comment below.

There are some basic step by step instruction below to get your in the mood but have just found this course that shows you in much more details how to develop Iphone apps using Xcode which looks interesting: Online Iphone development course

Basic helloworld iPhone application
Simple iPhone app thats displays a text string saying helloworld

Basic navigation based iphone app
Creating a basic naigation based iphone app, list of clickable items

Display second view on navigation app
Allow user to select navigation entry from list and display second view

Create mobile HTML5 apps with the Neptune application designer
Build a new user interface for your existing SAP functionality which works on phones, tablets and PP

Just as a quick update to this project a number of people have contacted me about iphone development and how to get started. Well the first thing you need to know about developing native iphone apps is that you need an Apple mac pc/laptop running Apples operating system. You also need to register and pay for the iphone developer kit. If you have these or you are happy to purchase them then your next step is to have a go at the examples on this page starting with the helloworld app. Alternatively you could do the following online iphone application development course which will take you through you everything you need to know.

If you don't want to go down this route then don't despair there is another way, one which could in many instances produce an application equally as effective. This alternative which I am actually exploring myself involves developing iphone web apps using HTML, CSS and javascript. Apps developed using this method can be created to perform and look just like a native iphone application. The best way to learn about this method is to check out which is an online version of a very good book on this subject. Infact I recently started reading this book myself and by using your iphone web browser you can check out my attempt at the first section here

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