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Get access to an SAP system for individual needs

There are many companies that offer access to a live SAP system for your own individual use, this could be for the day, the weekend or even for the year, as long you want really. This would allow you to access an SAP system to meet any training needs you may have, develop an abap report, web dynpro etc or simply familiarise yourself with a specific SAP transaction.

As well as basic SAP installations such as ERP ECC 6.0 or SAP 4.7 you can also get access to SAP systems with CRM 7, SRM 7, SAP PI 7.1, Solution manager etc installed and configured. Many also off various enhancement pack levels for the different modules as well.

Access to a full SAP system is not necessarily what you are after. Perhaps you just want an SAP application server so that you can develop ABAP reports and applications. For this the minisap software may be the answer. This is a piece of software you install on your local pc which allows you to access SAP transactions such as se80 to develop ABAP code.

Register for account Access account Client 300: Not to use at all - it is needed for internal purpose only Client 400: Customizing, but overwritten frequently at any issue Client 500: Customizing, but planned to be longterm (Except "nobody" can work at all) Client 800: Demo/Education: This client typically gets "never" overwritten, but you can only post documents and cannot do your own customizing. This client is perfect for your training, when you want to post and put some data into the system download miniSAP from SAP|N&AI=PECCLSC|NONE Use the following details for creating a new item in your SAP GUI. Application Server: i62external SAProuter-String: /H/ System-ID: I62 System Number: 09 more consolut info about miniSAP You can get fee access to an SAP system here from consolut but it will not allow you to create an abap program or even execute one. See here for a few more instructions on this free service.

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