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SAP games to help improve your ABAP skills or give you that all important boost

Games can be a very helpful tool when it comes to developing SAP ABAP programs, whether this is to give the developer an interesting project to get his teeth into or to simply provide a short time-out period where he or she can relax and re-charge their batteries ready to take on the next development task. An ideal way to do this is to play a few simple games of skill such as Solitaire, Pool, poker for fun, cash or prizes.

Standard SAP development platform
Within standard SAP you are fairly limited with regards to creating games as the ABAP programming language is not really designed for creating games. But as long as you want to create a game which is turn based and does not require sprites/images to move around on their own without you pressing a button it should be possible to develop in some form or another. For example connect 4, battle ships etc. Will post some examples very soon, alternatively if anyone has any examples of SAP games and would like to have them published on please feel free to contact me via Email or post in the comment section below.

Using the new SAP web technologies
With the invent of internet development within SAP such BSP's, Web dynpro, ITS, web services etc you have a lot more scope for game development as you can use pretty much any development platform that can be embedded into a HTML Web page. I therefore do not really class this as SAP gaming as your are not really using SAP technology to create the games you are simply bolting JavaScript, html or whatever web development technology onto the front of SAP. That is unless you are also using the backend SAP tables or ABAP code to store data or perform specific SAP functionality otherwise not available.

Gaming as a way of relaxing
Another aspect of gaming which can be very important to developing ABAP reports is the process of relaxing and trying to take your mind of the current seemingly unsolvable problem. How many times have you had a problem that you can't seem to get your head around, you have implemented the code 100% perfectly(so you think) but it doesn't compile or the result is not what you are expecting and no matter how much you stare at the code you can't see the problem. Anyway you finally give up and go to lunch or have a quick online game, anything really as long as it takes your mind off the problem. Then when you return to the code and pick up from where you left off the error/problem is so obvious and its fixed within a matter of seconds.

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