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Business Data Toolset - The BDT is SAP's Internal way of adding new functionality to certain SAP applications

Introduction to the Business data tool set
What is the SAP BDT

BDT to add new tab to GMGRANT transaction
How to enhance GMGRANT by adding a new tab using the BDT

BDT to enhance GMGRANT transaction events(save, back..)
Enhancing transaction GMGRANT user events via the BDT

Using BDT to add and populate custom gmgr table fields
How to poupulate custom fields using the BDT

List of GMGRANT transaction events(save, back, cancel etc.)
Transaction events available in GMGRANT

Using BDT to enhance Business Partner(BP)
Enhancing SAP BP using BDT

SAP Enhancements menu
Return to SAP Enhancements menu

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