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Report Selection Screen - Example code and information on various sel screen processing techniques

Group selection fields using Selection-screen block
Group selection screen fields on an ABAP report using the block statement also shows how to give each block a title and frame/border

[+] Add buttons to report Selection screen
How to add buttons to an SAP report

Add checkbox to selection screen
Shows how to add a checkbox to your selection screen, including abap code to ensure only one can be selected at a time.

SAP File selection popup window
Display file selection window on ABAP report selection screen

Modify selection dynamically based on current user
Checks if current user is the person who created report and modifies selscrn based on result

Modify selection dynamically based on button press
Modify selection screen based on button pressed by user

LOOP AT SCREEN example to Modify Screen dynamically
Modify screen fields dynamically using the LOOP AT SCREEN command

Add Tab strip to report Selection screen
How to add a tab strip to a ABAP report

Call SEARCH HELP manually from selection screen
use F4IF_FIELD_VALUE_REQUEST to Call search help manually

SAP dropdown listbox on ABAP report
Display an SAP dropdown list box on an ABAP report

Display multiple fields on same line of selection screen
How to display multiple selection fields/elements on same row (i.e. checkbox + field entry)

Display blank line of report selection screen
Display blank line of SAP report selection screen

Restrict select-options to only allow specific restrictions(EQ,BT)
How to restrict the select-opion values

Initiate AT selection-screen from RADIOBUTTON
SAP ABAP code to make a RADIOBUTTON initiate AT SELECTION SCREEN event(user action)

Initiate AT selection-screen from LISTBOX dropdown
AT SELECTION-SCREEN event triggered from SAP ABAP LISTBOX to capture user interaction

Initiate AT selection-screen from CHECKBOX
Trigger AT SELECTION-SCREEN event from checkbox to capture user interaction

SAP ABAP reporting menu
Return to SAP ABAP reporting menu

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