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Sending Emails to external addresses from within a program using SAPconnect

Sending emails from SAP to an external email address([email protected]) requires the use of a system such as SAPconnect which sits between SAP and the outside world.

Step 1 - Setup Email processing in SAP
SAPconnect Administration transaction SCOT
Use tcode SCOT for SAP email administraton

Step 2 - Create Emails in SAP
Send information or data within email body
Send email message from sap

CL_BCS to send emails using class interface
Send emails from SAP using the new class interface CL_BCS method instead of the older FM's

Convert Spool(Report) to PDF and email it
Convert a spool request into a PDF document

[+] Send information or data as attachment
Send email from SAP with attachment

sending PO by email
Setup PO external send to partner / vendor functionality for SAP purchase orders

Restrict access to sent emails in SOST
Restrict access to sent emails access via SAP transaction SOST

Step 3 - Send created Emails out of SAP
Start send process for SAPconnect
Start the email send process so all emails are sent out of SAP

SOST SAPConnect Send requests
View sent email and manually start send process from transaction SOST

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