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Setup PO external send to partner / vendor functionality for SAP purchase orders

External Send - Sending PO by email To be able to email purchase orders, basis configuration first needs to have been setup so that external emails can be sent from your SAP system. Then you will need to perform the following SAP configuration steps:

1. Ensure the email address has been entered within the vendor master data using transaction XK03.

2. Update email addres in your 'own data' to ensure the process has a sent from email address (system->User Profile->Own Data)

3. In-order to communicate with a partner via Medium 5 (external sending) you need to create a communication strategy with your IMG (SPRO -> IMG -> SAP Netweaver-> Application Server -> Basic Services -> Message Control -> Define Communication Strategy). The you need to ensure you add the relevant communications types to your strategy i.e. 'INT' for email

Once your strategies and associated types have been created in the IMG you should see the entries in the table TCSTRP

4. Use the standard SAP program 'SAPFM06P', FORM routine 'ENTRY_NEU' and form 'MEDRUCK' as processing routines, or if you want to add additional functionality copy this program to a Z program and use this instead!

5. When creating a PO output, for example in Transaction ME22N use medium '5'(External send). Also remember to set the comunication strategy to the value you have just created in the IMG.

6. Use Transaction SCOT to trigger the output manually or execute program RSCONN01

7. You will also need to setup SAPconnect via SCOT so that it deals with the information correctly

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