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SAP applications and ABAP reports that process data files stored on your PC or within SAP

[+] Add popup file selection window to selection screen
How to add popup file selection window to screen field

[+] Send file and data as email to external address
Send email from SAP

[+] Interfacing with Microsoft applications
Working with MS applications from SAP

Get list of files within specific directory(Application Server)
Get list of files within PC file directory

Browse files on application server(UNIX)
get files on application server

Uploading and Downloading Files from SAP
Upload files to and from SAP, Download files to and from sap

Hex codes (ASCII) for file processing
ASCII codes used in files processing

Download file from SAP system to your desktop - SXDA
Access SAP file on unix system using transaction SXDA (data transfer workbench)

SAP ABAP Development menu
Return to ABAP Dev menu

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