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Download file from SAP unix system to your desktop using transaction SXDA

Step 1 - Use DX tools from within sap tranasction SXDA (data transfer work bench)
Select menu option Goto->DX Tools

Step 2 - Fill in mandatory fields
Put an entry into 'Object type', 'Program type', and 'Program'. The values can be anything as these fields are not used for the functionality we are going to be using, but if they are not entered the transaction will not run. You can also enter the details of the file you want to copy here as well, this will be pulled through to the next screen or you can simply enter it on the next screen.

Step 3 - Enter file to be copied details
Next click on the copy button in the application tool bar and enter the details of the file you want to copy in the source section and where you want it to be copied too in the target section. (If you entered you source file details on the previous screen they will have been brought through to this screen).

Step 4 - Copy file
Now press the green tick button and your file will be transfered to you selected location. There are instances where copying a file this way will cause a CONVT_CODEPAGE ABAP Runtime Error (conversion of a text from codepage '4110' to codepage '4102'). This just means that while converting from the source file codepage to the target file codepage it was unable to convert a particular character in the file and the stanard SAP code just falls over:-(. I have not really found a solution to this other than removing the particualar character from the file. If anyone has a solution to this i would be very gratfull to here it. Also contact your Basis team as they will be able to FTP the file from the SAP system for you.

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