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Ezoic review - Optimising your website with Ezoic to increase user engagement and earnings

If you own a website and are like me you are constantly looking to change aspects of your website to improve user experience, change ad placement, fix bugs or just add something cool you saw on someone else�s website. Obviously there is some personal enjoyment gained from implementing these tweaks/changes but it can sometimes distract from adding new content to my site.

I also find that the possibilities are endless just in the last few months I have re-designed my site to implement a basic responsive web design, implemented different ad solutions such as switchads, spoutable and disqus content promotion as well as tested a few different sizes and placements for Adsense banners. This is all on top of adding new content, answering questions and keeping up to date with SAP development.

All of which were actually successful it just took a lot of time and I still had lots I wanted to do, mainly around helping people find information on my site and improving the responsive design. Because even though my site was now fully responsive and passed the google mobile-friendly test with flying colours, I didn�t feel everything including ad placement was really optimised. For example I was just showing the same ads on desktop and mobile but in different positions. As I have since found out this is not the best solution.

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