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FPM is a configurable UI framework for easy development of web dynpro applications based on SAP floor plans OIF, GAF & OVP

Create floor plan manager application
Easy to follow step by step guide to creating a web dynro application using Floor Plan Manager (based on the GAF WDP component)

Add new step to GAF Floor Plan Manager App
Shows you how to add new functionality to your GAF floor plan manager application

Enhance SAP standard Floor Plan Manager Web Dynpro
Using the enhnacement framework to enhance standard SAP floor plan manager applications

Enhance Component Config of FPM Web Dynpro
Use display configuration to enhance a FPM component configuration (Change output screen)

E-Expenses Floor Plan Manager application
Details and information about the e-expenses floor plan manager applications

Assign custom search help to FPM via enhancement
Assign your own custom WDP Value help / Search Help to a FPM application such as ESS/MSS

SAP Web development (BSP, HTML, MVC, web dynpro)
Developing SAP web application using BSP, HTML, MVC, web dynpro etc...

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