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SAP Visual composer application - modeling tool for rapid application development

The visual composer is accessed via the SAP portal and provides a modelling environment for developers to develop rapid applications without the need to write any code. The SAP VC uses a simple user interface to allow data services and links between these services to be added your application via simple drag and drop functionality. Not only can it communicate with other SAP systems via the use of RFC and BAPI function modules but can also consume 3rd party web services.

Adding layers to your SAP VC application
Adding layers to a VC application allows each form to be on a separate page, which the user can navigate between.

Consume a temperature conversion WebService
Using the SAP Visual Composer to Consume a temperature conversion webservice freely available on the web.

Basic SAP VC application calling BAPI's
Create a simple visual composer application to consume 2 SAP BAPI function modules

Consume a WebService using SAP VC
Using Visual Composer to Consume any webservice available on the web or anywhere else. Uses a weather report web service as an example.

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