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SAP FI ABAP code and information to assist in the developing of financial accounting applications

The FI module of SAP is a very powerful and complete area of SAP which allows a company to control their accounting and financial processes. And because SAP processes data in real time it means business managers can get the realtime data back out of the system to ensure any financial of accounting decision is made on the most up to data information.

AS financial accounting (FI) is an integral part of any business the SAP FI module forms a key part of any SAP installation, communicating with many other modules such as MM, CO, HR, PP, SD, etc ..

The FI module is made of many areas of financial activities including accounts payable / receivable, Fund & Grants management, Bank & asset accounting, General and special purpose ledger, travel and expense management, statement consolidation etc

Retrieve Cost Center group hierarchy (transaction KSH3)
Using transaction KSH3 to retrieve cost center group hierarchy

Get FI Cost Element group hierarchy ( tranasaction KAH3)
Using KAH3 to retrieve cost element group hierarchy

Validate a SAP Customer account
How to validate a SAP customer account

SAP ABAP Dev help
Further SAP ABAP Development help

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