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SAP Search helps - F4 selection entry helps available on input fields

Search helps provide field entry help for the user executing an ABAP report or SAP program. They are accessed via the small button available on each individual field or by pressing the f4 key while editing the specific field. Once the search help button has been pressed the user is presented with a popup dialog box containing the search fields available for that particular SAP search help. Any data known can be entered into these search fields to help find the field entry value the user is looking for.

Basic elementary search help overview
Creating elementary search helps

Creating a basic search help
How to create a SAP search help

Implementing a search Help
Various places you can implement an SAP search help

Search help exit sections
Various sections within the search help exit function module F4IF_SHLP_EXIT_EXAMPLE

search help exit to add new entries to output table
Add entries to search help output via search help exit

search help exit to add new functionality
Implementing a search help exit

SAP Search help exit to remove case sensitivity
Search Help exit to allow search results to be return even if text case does not match

Error: SAP Search Help's don't work after upgrade
Standard SAP Search Help's no longer return values after upgrade to latest version

SAP Dictionary help menu
Return to Dictionary menu

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