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MVC BSP input field - Demonstrate how to retrieve a value entered into text input field

Below is the basic code for allowing users to input text onto a html page and retrieve what they have entered using standard BSP and HTML techniques.

Display input field and retrieve value entered using standard bSP and HTML technique

The code below is pure HTML and not HTMLB so you will need to remove the
htmlb code that SAP insert automatically.

<FORM NAME="formlist">
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
    <td align="RIGHT">
        <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="gd_keywords" VALUE="gd_keywords" size=60>
        <INPUT type="submit" name="OnInputProcessing(search)">

case event_id.   "declared in page attributes as type STRING
  when 'search'.
*   Sets value of parameter ready for next screen
*   gd_keywords needs to declared as type STRING within page attributes
    navigation->set_parameter( name  = 'gd_keywords' ).

*   If you create page 'courses.htm' with a field called keywords within
*   page attributes then the value entered in this page will be passed
*   through. May need to tick the auto option

See fully working BSP user input example using similar code to above.

Or also see example using HTMLB or

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