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ALV grid display - Example code and information for creating ALV grids using Function modules

The ALV Grid function mudules allow you to display an internal data table as a report, with as little effort as possible. The result also provides you with a large amount of standard functionality such as sort, total, add/remove columns, download etc. The implemention of these require little or no extra development time(See example output).

Basic ALV Grid (inc. colum total)
ABAP code to create a basic ALV grid using FM's

ALV Fieldcat creation
Various ways of creating an ALV fieldcat, which stores details of report fields/columns

Change color of individual ALV rows
Change colour of individual rows of ALV grid

Change color of individual ALV cells
Change colour of individual cells of ALV grid

Add ICON to ALV report (i.e. Traffic light)
Add traffic light or any other SAP icon to your ALV report

ALV Report Heading (inc. Image/Logo)
Add heading to ALV grid report

ALV HTML Footer(on screen)
Add footer to alv grid report using HTML

User command functionality for ALV Report
Process user command functionality with SAP ALV grid

ALV Totals text - Custom
Change text displayed for ALV totals row

User defined ALV PF-STATUS
Define your own PF-STATUS for an ALV grid report

ALV fields editable
Make individual ALV report cells editable

Add Events processing to ALV Report (i.e. END_OF_PAGE)
Process user events with ALV grid

ALV default Sorting and Subtotals
Create ALV grid report with default sorting and subtotals

Capture single and multiple ALV row selction
allow user to select single or multiple rows

Full code listing, including all enhancements
Full code list for all topics discused regard ALV grid reports

SAP ALV Consistancy check
Tool for checking the consistancy of all the elements of your ALV report including the fieldcatalog

SAP ALV menu
Return to SAP ALV menu

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