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Implementing Function Exit

The following step are required in-order to activate Function exit:

Step 1
The first step is to enter source code into function module in the usual way i.e. via SE37. There will already be an include declaration within the code with the following format: Include zx*.

Double click on this to create it, source code can then be entered within here. Although it is good practice to create another include with this to store your code, this allows separation of difference enhancements allowing them to be easlity removed without de-activating the enhancement.

Step 2
Execute transaction CMOD and create new Enhancement. Enter name and press the create Button.

Step 3
The following screen should be displayed, enter short text then click on the 'Enhancement assignments' button.

Step 4
Now enter the Exit name (enhancement) which contains the desired Function Exit.

Step 5
Return to initial screen of CMOD and press the activate icon. The exit is now ready for use.

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