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Changing SAP Data Element documentation (F1 help text)

SAP allows you to modify data element documentation (F1 help text), this could be useful if you want to add/remove information from the F1 help text. E.g. If you are using the field to store info it was not intended for.

Step 1
Using transaction CMOD chose the following menu option

  • Note: Menu looks slightly different for 4.6c, Text enhancement is access via the 'Text enhancement' menu in 4.6c.

  • Step 2
    The following screen will appear:

    Step 3
    Enter the data element that you wish to change the documentation text for, then click the change icon(Pencil in 4.6c and tick in 4.6b). You will then be presented with the following screen, which allows you to create new versions of the data element documentation. Simply click on the Change button and enter a name within the customer name range.

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