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Step by step instructions on how to create your first ITS web transaction based on standard ABAP dialog program using SE80

SAP web transactions are wen applications that are developed inside SAP using standard ABAP dialog programming. You can then convert these to internet services which creates templates within the ITS for each screen of the SAP dialog transaction.

Step 1 - Create basis ABAP dialog program
Follow instructions here on how to create a basic ABAP dynpo program/transaction

Step 2 - Create Internet Service
Within transaction SE80 select 'Internet Service' from the dropdown, enter a name for your new service (i.e. ZITSEXAMPLE) and press enter

Enter the transaction code you want to create your internet service based on (i.e. ZEXAMPLE)

Step 3 - Add templates to your internet service
Now right click on your new internet service and choose option Create->Template

Enter the program name and screen number of the dialog program you want base your template on (i.e. ZSCREENEXAMPLE / 0100) also enter a style such as 'Classic'.

The following template should then be created

Step 4 - Publish Internet Service
Once you have saved the internet service you need to right click on it and select the option Publish->Complete Service

Step 5 - Execute tcode SICF
Execute transaction SICF and simply press the execute button without changing the defaults

Step 6 - Create internet service within tcode SICF
Unlike BSP's and web dynpro's you need to manually create the internet service reference with transaction SICF. To do this simply find the its directory ( and right click on the node and select 'New Sub-Element'

Enter name of service and choose 'Independent Service'

Step 7 - Internet service GUI Configuration
Click GUI Configuration and enter the relevant details such as the following and press the execute button.

~THEME		99

Step 8 - Internet service Handler list
Within the Handler List tab enter the relevant handlers (i.e. CL_HTTP_EXT_ITS), you may need to talk to your basis team if this one does not work. Once this has been done save the service.

Step 9 - Activate Internet service
Now return the the tree structure and right click on the service and select 'Activate Service'

Now right click on the service and select Test Service

Your ABAP dialog program should then be execute within a web transaction

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