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Retrieve SAP objects using transport entry in SE10 to restore objects that have been deleted

Ever deleted an object by mistake and not sure how to get it back. Occasionally you may be out of look but if the delete operation created a transport then you should be able to use this to recover the object.

Step 1 - Locate transport via transaction se10.
Execute transaction se10, enter the user name of the person who deleted the object and press display. Now find the transport which contains your deleted object.

If you double click on the name now it will not exist

Step 2 - Go to versions?
Next step is to place your cursor on the object name within the transport tree structure and select the menu option Object->Versions

Step 3 - Retrieve version
The final step is to simply select the checkbox next to the most resent version and press the retrieve button. After a few confirmation popups your object will be retrieved and restored to its former glory. Or at least to the state it was at the last version creation point.

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