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Maintenance and implementation of standard texts or SAPSCript texts

Standard text editor transaction
Use SAP transaction SO10 to create and maintain standard texts or SAPScript texts.

Using Standard text within a SAPScript
Command line to call standard texts from within SAPscript:

	GD_TEXT = Standard text name created within transaction SO10
	GD_ID   = Standard text ID set in transaction SO10
	GD_LANG = Standard text language set in transaction SO10

Transporting standard texts
1. Execute program RSTXTRAN to add standard text to a specific transport. Check out for more info on SAP program RSTXTRAN
2. Manually add standard text to transports object list. To do this u will need to add the object details as below:

PgmID (R3TR) = Program ID Obj (TEXT) = Object type Object name: TEXT, = Denotes text object? Z_STANDARD_TXT, = Standard text name (Created in SO10) ST, = Standard text type (Set in SO10) E) = Standard text language (Set in SO10)

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