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SAP PM database structure for work orders, maintenance orders

 SAP database tables for Plant maintenance / work orders

AUFK 			Order master data
	AFKO		Header Data in PP Orders
		AFPO	Order Item
AFFL			Work order sequence
	AFIH		Maintenance order header

ILOA 			PM Object Location and Account Assignment
			Join condition: AUFK-AUFNR = VIQMEL-AUFNR

VIQMEL 			Notification Header (Table join of: QMIH, QMEL, ILOA)
			Join condition: AUFK-AUFNR = VIQMEL-AUFNR

AUFK                    Order master data  -> order number links to Object number

JEST                    Object status
			Join condition: AUFK-OBJNR = JEST-objnr and INACT ne 'X'

TJ02T                   Status Description
			Join condition: JEST-STAT = TJ02T-ISTAT and SPRAS = sy-langu

AFVC			Operation within an order
			Joined on: (AFKO-AUFPL = AFVC-AUFPL)

AFAB 			Network - Relationships

AFFH 			PRT assignment data for the work order

AFFL 			Work order sequence

AFFT 			Order - Process Instructions

AFFV 			Order - Process Instruction Values

AFFW 			Goods movements with errors from confirmations

AFIH 			Maintenance order header

AFKO 			Order header data PP orders

AFPO 			Order item

AFRC 			Incorrect cost calculations from confirmations

AFRD Default values for collective confirmation

AFRH Header information for confirmation pool

AFRU Order completion confirmations

AFRV Confirmations pool

AFVC Operation within an order

AFVU DB structure of the user fields of the operation

AFVV DB structure of the quantities/dates/values in the operation

AFWI Subsequently posted goods movements for confirmations

AUFK Order master data

AUFM Goods movements for order

BGMK Master Warranty Header

BGMP Master Warranty Item

BGMS Master Warranty Text Item

BGMT Master Warranty Text

BGMZ Warranty Counter

CRHD Work Center Header

CRTX Text for the Work Center or Production Resource/Tool

EQKT Equipment Short Texts

EQST Equipment to BOM Link

EQUI Equipment master data

EQUZ Equipment time segment

HIKO Order master data history

IFLO Table generated for View IFLO

IFLOT Functional Location (Table)

IFLOTX Functional Location- Short Texts

IHGNS Permit Segment for Plant Maintenance

IHPA Plant Maintenance- Partners

IHSG Object-Related Permits in Plant Maintenance

ILOA PM Object Location and Account Assignment

IMPTT Measuring Point (Table)

IMRG Measurement Document

KAKO Capacity Header Segment

KONP Conditions (Item)

KONV Conditions (Transaction Data)

OBJK Plant Maintenance Object List

QMEL Quality Notification

QMFE Quality notification - items

QMIH Quality message - maintenance data excerpt

QMMA Quality notification - activities

QMSM Quality notification - tasks

QMUR Quality notification - causes

T001 Company Codes

T001L Storage Locations

T001W Plants/Branches

T077D Customer account groups

T003O Order Types

T352R Maintenance revisions

T353I_T Maintenance activity type description

T356 Priorities

T357G Permits

T357G_T Text for Table 357GT

T370A Activity Category for PM Lists

TINCT Customers- Incoterms- Texts

TVKO Organizational Unit- Sales Organizations

TVKOS Organizational Unit- Divisions per Sales Organization

TVKOV Org. Unit- Distribution Channels per Sales Organization

TVTA Organizational Unit- Sales Area(s)

VIAUFKST Generated Table for View VIAUFKST

Function location full structure read

              tplnr           = header_new-tplnr
              iflo_wa         = xiflo
              iflot_not_found = 4
              iloa_not_found  = 6
              OTHERS          = 4.

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