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ABAP lottery numbers report for SAP system - User guide

File name: Enter filename of your lottery numbers upload file
This file is based on the lottery data available from Lottery numbers and has the following structure:

Draw number, Day, DD, MMM, YYYY, Num1, Num2, Num3, Num4, Num5, Num6, Bonus, Jackpot, Wins, Machine, Ball set

Here is an example lottery numbers file containing all numbers upto draw 1538 made on the 18/09/2010

Upload numbers: Select this option to upload new lottery results, if you upload resluts that already exist it will simply over write with the new values.

Most drawn numbers: Select this option to display number of times each number has been drawn

Example output:

Check following numbers: Select this option to check the following numbers entered against each and every drawn and display how many of the numbers would have been matched if they had been enetered. Report is ordered by number of matched numbers for each draw.

Example output if you enter the 6 numbers as 44,6,45,47,28,12

Number 1 - Number 6: Enter the numbers you want to check agaist each draw made

Draw Date: Restrict data reporting on by date

Machine: Restrict data reporting on by machine

Ball Set: Restrict data reporting on by Ball Set

Draws with following nums: Restrict data reporting to those draws that contained the following numbers

Draw Day: Restrict data reporting on by day (SAT or WED)

Return to Lottery numbers program code.

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