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Call onInputProcessing event from SAP BSP page via href or button

Using '<input type=submit...' button
Call OnInputProcessing BSP event from an HTMl button, this code will pass 'search' into the event_id

<form method="post" name="form" id="form" >
  <INPUT type="submit" name="OnInputProcessing(search)" value="New search">

Using '<a href=' link
Call OnInputProcessing BSP event from an '<a href=' link, this code also passes 'search' into the event_id

<a href="?onInputProcessing(search)"  >New search</a> 

Capture user input via this method
If you want to use this method an also capture values entered within html <input> fields on the screen, you will also need to add an onclick event to call a peice of javascript to manually submit the <form>

<a href="?onInputProcessing(search)" onclick="PassValues();" >New search</a>

You also need to ensure you create an page attribute with the same name as your input field name tag. Then add the following javascript code between your <head> </head> tags. Note 'formname' is the name of your form as declared in your HTML code i.e. <form name="formname"...

<SCRIPT TYPE="text/javascript">
function PassValues() {
<% data: ld_test type string.
*  add abap code can go here

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