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BSP Dropdown List - create a BSP dropdown list which allows user selection!!

Below is the basic code for allowing users to make a selection form a dropdown list and then click a button to process the selection.

Display dropdown list and retrieve value selected

The code below is pure HTML and not HTMLB so you will need to remove the
htmlb code that SAP insert automatically.

                    <htmlb:content design="design2003">
                    <htmlb:page title = " ">

<FORM NAME="formlist">
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
    <td align="RIGHT">
        <INPUT TYPE="TEXT" NAME="keywords" size=60>
        <INPUT type="submit" name="OnInputProcessing(search)">
<% data: it_ekko type standard table of ekko initial size 0,
         wa_ekko type ekko.

     select ebeln
      up to 10 rows
       from ekko
       into table it_ekko.

    <td><SELECT NAME="typelist">
        <% loop at it_ekko into wa_ekko. %>
        <OPTION VALUE="<%=sy-tabix%>"><%=wa_ekko-ebeln%> </OPTION>
        <% endloop. %>


case event_id.   "declared in page attributes as type STRING
  when 'search'.
*   Sets value of parameter, i.e. gets value from screen
    navigation->set_parameter( name  = 'keywords' ).

*   Gets value of parameter, so can be moved into abap field
*   Note: gd_keywords declared in page attributes as type string
    gd_keywords = navigation->get_parameter( name = 'keywords' ).

*   set and get user option, gd_option(type string) will contain index
*   of line selected
    navigation->set_parameter( name  = 'typelist' ).
    gd_option = navigation->get_parameter( name = 'typelist' ).

*   If you create page 'courses.htm' with a field called keywords within
*   page attributes then the value entered in this page will be passed
*   through.

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