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Allowing multiple instances of a BSP application to be run by a user

When you create a statefull SAP BSP application and store data in the application class etc when the same user executes two instances of the same bsp simultaneously it can get confused as data will be shares between each instance. This can be fixed by adding the following parameters to the bsp url

So your URl will look something like this

Please note these need to be added anywhere where the initial call to the application is made

This essentially means that instead of storing the session id in a cookie which is shared across each web browser window (within same browser such as IE) it stores it within the URL so can tell the two instances apart!

There is still a slight issue with this solution in that once the user is within the application they can right click on links and open in new window. This will then create a new view of the same session as it bypasses the parameters added to the end. The only way i have found to fix this is to use javascript to disable the right click functionality so that the user can not use the open as new window/tab option.

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