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SPAU_ENH transaction when upgrading or patching your SAP system to the latest release level

SPAU_ENH is a relatively new transaction for highlighting possible issues with any enhancement points you have implemented in your SAP system. Obviously the bespoke code you have written will not be impacted but the location or the Sap code around where it is implemented could have change significantly to mean the changes you have made are no longer valid.

Running transaction SPAU_ENH
When you run transaction SPAU_ENH you get a screen that looks similar to transaction SE80 but has a list of enhancement objects which made contain conflicts.

In-order to process these conflicts simply double click on them individually

Click on the Long Text within adjustment tab to read more details about the conflict that has occurred

In-order to view the conflict click on the 'Conflict' button(glasses)

Alternatively click on the transactions main change icon(pencil) and the display 'Conflict' button will change to a process conflict button which will allow you to process the conflict and check it and make any changes required.

You will now be presented with a split screen editor allowing you to process the conflict appropriately. The very least you should do at this point is syntax check the enhancement by using the check source button.

Enhancements for ABAP web dynpros
Enhancements within web dynpro's is basically the same but a little different. I have found the best thing to do is each of the tab i.e. Layout, Context, Window, Methods etc. to see what enhancements have been made.

Now use the main check button on the application tool bar to see the error messages.

I have found it easier to not spend too much time within SPAU_ENH trying to work these out. Better to just press the adjust enhancement button and then fix any issues using the standard SE80 development area.

Once you have done the adjustment, re-try the check button to see if the errors have gone. If not go to se80 and check the enhancement that contains the issue. I.e. SAP may have changed the structure of a parameter you are using, so you may need to change your data type to match.

Fix any errors as if it was a new development so that the enhancement works with the new SAP code. Once done return to SPAU_ENH and re-check. All erros should have have gone and you can activate the object.

Also see SAP Patching information including SPAU transaction and SPDD transaction home

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