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SPAU stage when upgrading or patching your SAP system to the latest release level

SPAU is the second stage an ABAPer generally gets involved with the patching of SAP. This is where all modifications you have made to SAP standard repository objects such as programs, function modules, classes etc etc come back to bite you. Just to point out it is not always customer modifications that are at fault, SAP can give you correction instruction to a specific problem you have raised. These don't always get put into a note or when they do SAP finds a slightly better way of solving the problem so code is different. Therefore when it looks at your source code it's different to what it expects and can't always insert the note changes or see that they are already in. Plus it only takes an additional line break to confuse things!

Implementing notes via the SPAU SAP transaction

This brings me nicely onto what you see when you execute transaction SPAU. The first section is a list of notes which are contained in the patch level you are going to but which SAP can't insert automatically. Click here for more details information on implementing notes using the SPAU transaction

With Modification Assistant

The next section of modifications are those which can be re-implemented with modification assistant. These include any repository objects such as function groups, programs, classes etc. It is basically a case of checking the versions of each object to confirm the changes need to go back in. If they do, then simply click on the traffic light to reapply otherwise reset to original if not. Again if traffic light is green changes will be made automatically, if it's yellow you will get the split screen editor to make changes manually. Click here for more details information on implementing changes using SPAU with modification assistant

Red STOP icon
Sometimes you get a red stop sign next to the object on the initial SPAU screen. This means that the object cannot be activated as changes still need to be made. Click on the red stop sign and you will get a screen similar to this detailing any changes that are required.

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