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Change SAP web dynpro logon screen

The following steps will take you through the steps needed to change the look and feel of your ABAP web dynpro SAP logon screen. It is a fairly simple process which requires the creatation of a new class which is a subclass of CL_ICF_SYSTEM_LOGIN. This is then added to your service details screen within SIFC.

Step 1 - Create the new logon class
Im going to cheat a bit here and use CL_ICF_EXAMPLE01_LOGIN which is an example class already created by SAP.

Step 2 - Find service in transaction SICF
Within transaction SIFC find your web dynpro service and enter the Create/Change Screen. Now select the 'Error Pages' tab

Step 3 - Configure your logon screen
Press the Configuration button and on the next screen select 'User-Specific' and enter CL_ICF_EXAMPLE01_LOGIN or a class you have created into the class input field.

Step 4 - Save and execute
Now changes made using SICF and execute your application. The logon screen should now look like this

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