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Call second portal page from ABAP web dynpro based iview

If you have implemented an ABAP web dynpro iView into your portal you may want to have an exit button which leaves your created web dynpro and call a second page within your portal. See here for creating ABAP web dynpro button.

Once you have created a button on your web dynpro you need to add the following code to the button action method in order to call a second portal page / iView.

What needs to be done Within your ABAP Wdp

Step 1
Within the button action method or wherever you want to call the new portal page add the following code:

* Call New portal Page or iView
  TYPES: BEGIN OF navigation,
    target       type string,
    mode         type string,
    features     type string,
    window       type string,
    history_mode type string,
    target_title type string,
    context_url  type string,
   end of navigation.
  data: wa_navigation type navigation.

  data: lr_compcontroller type ref to ig_componentcontroller,
        l_component type ref to if_wd_component.

  data lr_port_manager type ref to if_wd_portal_integration.
  lr_compcontroller =   wd_this->get_componentcontroller_ctr( ).
  l_component = lr_compcontroller->wd_get_api( ).
  lr_port_manager = l_component->get_portal_manager( ).

* The value inserted into the navigation-target field can be found in the Portal
* content administration tab of your portal. It is the ID or PCD Location field
  wa_navigation-target =
  'ROLES://portal_content/'. wa_navigation-mode = '0'. "0 = INTERNAL(same page) and 1 = EXTERNAL(new page). call method lr_port_manager->navigate_absolute EXPORTING navigation_target = wa_navigation-target navigation_mode = wa_navigation-mode. * window_features = wa_navigation-features * window_name = wa_navigation-window * history_mode = wa_navigation-history_mode * target_title = wa_navigation-target_title * context_url = wa_navigation-context_url * post_parameters = ABAP_FALSE * use_sap_launcher = ABAP_TRUE * business_parameters = * launcher_parameters = .

Further Info:

The navigation-target field is populated from the iview or page ID field within the portal content administrator, But the 'PCD:' value needs to be replaced by 'ROLES://'.

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