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I�d like to draw your attention to a large resource of free documents, reports, ebooks, white papers etc on all topics and development tools/technologies available to the SAP Development Community. The details below provides a small snap shot of what is available but there are hundreds of these free resources just waiting for you to download.

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In the spirit of full transparency, know that I do receive a small incentive at no cost to yourself (Obviously because they are all free) if you download the free documents, reports, ebooks etc.

ABAP Cookbook

Free eBook Excerpt

SAP ABAP Advanced Cookbook--Free 22 Page Excerpt

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is SAP's proprietary 4th Generation Language (4GL).

SAP core is written almost entirely in ABAP, which is a high level programming language used in SAP for development and other customization processes.

�SAP ABAP Advanced Cookbook� covers advanced SAP programming applications with ABAP. It teaches you to enhance SAP applications by developing custom reports and interfaces with ABAP programming.

This cookbook has quick and advanced real world recipes for programming ABAP.

It begins with the applications of ABAP Objects and ALV tips and tricks. It then covers Design Patterns and Dynamic Programming in detail and much much more!!

Offered Free by: Packt Enterprise
See All Resources from: Packt Enterprise

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HTML5 eBook

Free eBook

Jump Start HTML5 (A $30 Value) Free!

After reading this book, you�ll be well on your way to developing amazing HTML5 websites and applications.

Some prior knowledge of HTML will be helpful before reading this book. As we progress, we�ll tackle some more advanced topics, such as APIs and offline applications. To follow these sections, you should be familiar with HTML and the fundamentals of JavaScript and the Document Object Model (DOM). It�s unnecessary to have deep knowledge of JavaScript. Still, you should understand event handling, JavaScript data types, and control structures such as while loops and if-else conditionals. We�ll keep our script examples simple, though, and explain them line by line.

Offered Free by: SitePoint
See All Resources from: SitePoint

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System Admin & Security

Free Kit

System Administration & Security - Salary & Skills Report (Plus 3 Bonus Resources!)

This kit will tell you what you need to know to earn more in system administration and security.

Diverse and rapidly changing, network administration and security is the backbone of the 21st century workplace. What are the essential skills of the modern sysadmin? Does it pay to specialize, or go polyglot? Which tech is the overwhelming top pick in the world of configuration management?

Offer is only available for a limited time, download today!

This kit also includes these valuable resources:
Sysadmin & Security Salary & Skills Report
The Top 5 Myths of Next-Gen Endpoint Protection
Five Essential Elements for an Effective Mobile Security Strategy

Offered Free by: TradePub
See All Resources from: TradePub

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Scrum Cheat Sheet

Free Cheat Sheet

The Essential Scrum Cheat Sheet

A concise overview of the structure of roles, meetings, rules and artifacts within a Scrum organization.

Scrum is an iterative, incremental software development framework commonly used with Agile software development. It uses one or more cross-functional, self-organizing teams of about seven people each. Scrum teams use fixed length iterations (called Sprints), typically two weeks or 30 days long. They attempt to build a potentially shippable (properly tested) product every iteration.

Contents Include:
About Scrum
Scrum Roles
Scrum Meetings
Scrum Artifacts
Related Practices and more
Refcardz are FREE cheat sheets made just for developers. It�s the easy way to stay on top of the newest technologies!

Offered Free by: DZone
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ERP Review

Free Analyst Report

Top ERP Software Reviews and Pricing 2016--Free Analyst Report

Interactive analyst report gives you comparison ratings, reviews and pricing from actual software selection projects.

Unlike some ratings, SelectHub product scores are taken from multiple sources including top analysts and actual buyers of the software�ideal for your shortlist.

Get everything you need to make the right ERP decision:
•Actionable insights from experts: In plain language, find out how each product supports the functions that matter most to your company.
•Key requirements criteria: Get a comprehensive list of the key requirements for use in your software evaluation and vendor selection.
•Easy pricing: Get recommendations and pricing for solutions matching your business needs.

Offered Free by: SelectHub
See All Resources from: SelectHub

Get the Free Analyst Report

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