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Neptune Application Designer for mobile solutions

Neptune has produced an application designer that essentially allows you to build a new user interface for your existing SAP functionality that not only works on your desktop but also on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. It leverages existing ABAP code and the SAP netweaver platform so reduces the need for integration. Anyway below is an overview explanation from Neptune themselves and if you want to give it a try you can download it free-of-charge for use in your development system, this link also contains more information and demo templates of how your application could look.

"Neptune's tight integration with SAP's own source code not only enables fast and secure implementations, it also minimizes the total lifecycle cost, thus providing a rapid return on investment. Some examples of this are that when using Neptune there is no need for additional servers or middleware and associated integration set-up and maintenance cost. Neptune also fully leverages the system set-up and authorization structure in SAP, thus avoiding duplication of maintenance work.

This solution has enabled, for example, customers' of ours to make SAP processes available on mobile phones to thousands of end users in a matter of weeks, or even days, while maintaining the highest security requirements.

Neptune provides the next generation user interface (UI) for SAP. By working with the Neptune Application Designer the SAP customer can represent its NetWeaver platform functionality in very end-user friendly ways on Phone, Tablet and Desktop. The Neptune Application Designer accomplishes this by using HTML5 and frameworks from jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Phonegap and Wijmo.

Our Neptune Application Designer is installed as an SAP AddOn. The minimum requirement is SAP NetWeaver 7.x, as standalone or on top of SAP ECC, CRM, BW, SRM, Solution Manager etc. Since the installation of Neptune Application Designer is provided through the ABAP Add-On process, it will not interfere with the functionality of the existing system.

For mobile applications you can either use the developed Neptune Applications in a stand-alone scenario or deploy them on a MEAP such as the SAP Mobile Platform. This enables you to utilize Afaria for Mobile Device Management and the Hybrid Web Container for running your applications in a heterogeneous software environment. "

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