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Processing the SAP HR Organisation unit

Retrieve Org. Unit structure
Retrieve SAP structure of organisation

HRP1001 relationship inc Org Unit...
Relationship of objects within HRP1001 including Org Unit, position, pernr...

Retrieve Org. Unit from HR selection screen
Add org structure selection to report selection screen

Add relationship entry to HRP1001 SAP table
ABAP code to add an entry to the HRP1001 table with SAP

PPOSE - SAP Org onit
View SAP personnel hr organisational structure and all people within each org unit

Retrieve Org. Unit text
Retrieve text for organisation unit

Old version of tcode PPOSE which also allows user to be able to view SAP personnel hr org structure

SAP HR Org unit search help
SAP Search helps for HR org unit values

SAP HR development - Main menu
Return to SAP HR development meni menu

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