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Get actual function module for Function Exit

Once you have found the Function Exit within the source code (Find Function Exit) you need to access the actual function module it executes. This is done using the following steps:

Step 1
Locate desired 'Call Customer-function' statement within source code.

Step 2
If code is not within main program (module pool) e.g. SAP* then you will need to find this out by selecting 'Main Program' from the 'GOTO' menu. The Main program for transaction MR1M is SAPLMR1M.

Step 3
The actual function module name can now be calculated based on the information retrieved, it is defined by the following format:

       EXIT_<Program name>_<Exit number> 

In the case of transaction MR1M it is 'EXIT_SAPLMR1M_004'.

View Documentation/Exit name for specific Function Exit

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