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SAP Implicit enhancement points to change standard ABAP code without using modification

Implicit enhancement points are basically points within ABAP code where an enhancement point is implied, and in which case can be created. Examples of implicit enhancement points are at the beginning and end of FORM's, at the end of a program, include or function module etc. Below is a step by step demonstration of how to create and implicit enhancement point.

Step 1 - Activate the enhancement functionality
Within SE80 open up the program/include you want to enhance and click on the enhancement button (show below)

Step 2 - Enhancement functionality activated
The SE80 screen will now look something like below!

Step 3 - Show implict enhancement points
Goto menu 'edit->Enhamcement Operations->Show Implicit Enhancement Options' to display implicit enhancement points within the ABAP code

Step 4 - Enhancement points with the code
Once you have done this you will be able to see all the implicit enhancement points available within you code, these are denoted by the line of quotation marks and the black arrow at the start. In this example there are enhancement points at the start and end of each form and one at the very end of the include.

Step 5 - Create an implicit enhamcement point
Inorder to implement an implicit enhancement point simply right click on the required enhamcement point and select 'Enhancement Implementation->create'.

Step 6 - Enhamcement point type
Next click on the code button to create a code implementation

Step 7 - Name and description
Next give the enhancement point a name and description. Click the green tick

Step 8 - Change request
Assign change to a change request in the usual way

Step 9 - Enhancement point created
The enhamcement point will now have been created in the appropriate place. Denoted by the ENHANCEMENT...ENDENHANCEMENT tags

Step 10 - Enter code into enhancement
You can now enter your own code into the enhancement point!

Step 11 - Activate the enhancement point
Click the 'Activate Enhancements' button to activate it.

Step 12 - Turn enhancement mode off
Now click the 'Active <-> inactive' button to turn enhancement mode off and return to standard SE80

Step 13 - Enhancement transactions
Once an enhancement has been created you can access it again using the above procedure or via the SAP enhancements transactions SE20 or SE80

Also see Explicit Enhancement point

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