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Create SAP database table maintenance for your custom Z table using transaction SE11

Once you have created a basic SAP database table you may want to create a table maintenance for it. This is basically a dedicated screen which allows users to add, delete or change data within the table. You access a table maintenance via standard SAP transaction SM30. Although using the following step by step guide you can also assign your table maintenence its own custom transaction code.

Step 1 - Generate table maintenance
Once you have created your basic SAP table, within SE11 choose the menu option Utilities->Table Maintenance Generator

Step 2 - Enter maintenance details
Enter authorization group as '&NC&', which means without an authorisation group for simplicity, Add the name of a function group which is just a standard function group created via SE80, finally select the 'one step' radio button

Step 3 - Select screen number
Now press the 'Find SCR Number(s)' button in the application tool bar at the top. On the next popup screen select propose screen number(s) which caculates which is lowest screen number available

A screen number should then have automatically been added into the appropriate field

Step 4 - Create table maintenance
The last step is to press the create button

Enter the usual change/transport details and press the save button

You will then get a message similar to this and your table maintenance is done.

Step 5 - Access the table maintenance via t-code SM30
In-order to use any table maintenance you need to execute transaction SM30 and enter your table name within the Table/View field

Now press the maintain button, your table will be displayed within a standard ALV type grid with standard functionality to allow the user to manipulate the data with functions such as Add, Delete, Change....Note only none key fields can be changed. In-order to change a key field you need to delete the row and add it again with the new data (or write an ABAP program to do it which can change key fields).

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