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The new ABAP objects Editor

Welcome to the ABAP objects Editor!

The ABAP Editor is a new dedicated tool, specialized on writing and analyzing source code. It is a new ActiveX control written in C++ which offers all modern code editing features. The control can be used instead of the old editor in all standard transactions as SE80, SE38, SE24 etc. and in the new ABAP debugger from SAP_BASIS 7.0 on.

Quick introduction to the editor's features

The ABAP objects Editor is generic and works with most programming language with defined syntax schemas, such as ABAP, eCATT, BSP etc.
The editor has customizable syntax highlighting, outlining of code (folding of blocks), highlighting of the current scope (current block), code templates (user and language dependant), a clipboard ring (clipboard for more then one item), incremental search, block selection, extended pretty print functionality, embedded print preview, customizable keyboard shortcuts etc.

Quick look at the ABAP objects editor

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